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Business Project “UNIVERSITY”
(Asian Region, 2018)

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1. Download File - 2 Education Systems. Overview.
2. About us, experience, our needs, reasons.
3. Benefits for Partner.
4. Why we looking for Partnership.
5. Detailed description - Partner.
6. Facts - Base for Project.
7. Conclusions. Call-to-Action for Potential Partner s.
8. IMPORTANT. Facts about Science “Client Building”. 
9. WHO IS CLIENT - Benefit of our Partner - Detailed Description.
10. Download File: Business Map - Cooperation in Details. Project Business Processes Step by Step.
11. Download Files (2): Non-Disclosure Agreement. 
12. Download File: Content in Russian Language. 
13. Contact Form - Requests/Questions/Feedbacks. 
14. (!) Additional Information: Answers for Main Questions. Existed Communication with Financial Structures.
Who is Best FX Broker?
Who needs large quantity of Extremely Active Asian Traders?
We – Group of Companies in Asian Region " Oriental Business Alliance Co., LTD" have rich experience in setup and development Financial Broker Companies in Asian Region.
     Currently, we are looking for Broker who needs start to get clients and traders from Asia.    We have integrated our Education System "Financial Assets Management. Professional Management of Capitals in Worldwide Financial Markets" into some Universities and Private Education Structures in Asia


1. Up from 7,000 new clients every year (*)
2. This client we give for Broker without any Agent Commission or Rebates for us. No any charges or fees.
3. More than 50,000 lots in one year (mostly is Gold)
4. Financial Capitals
5. Become N1 in Countries with our Activities
6. Traders - Best of All others - for using them according to Brokerage Purposes
7. We will prepare for you - the Broker - a whole Generation of Clients, for which you are their first experience and the door to the world of Trade in the Financial Markets.
8. Broker will receive an unlimited number of  Managers of the Project  "Mobile Office", which in a few months will open Representative offices and will attract customers to the Broker in each Corner of each country where we run our Project "University" !  
100% absorption of the Market of Сountries
is all for the Broker-Partner.

Our Purposes for Establish Cooperation
with Broker-Partner:

1. Create all our Education System on the basis of Brand Name and Equipment of our Partner - whose name is not recognized until present days.
2. Get Financial Support from Broker. (Amount will be returned by us during the process of working with the Broker). The amount is needed for hiring employees to complete the training system and forcing the establishment of agreements with Educational Institutions.


1. Full Necessary assistance in

planning, creating and integrating into the already existing Broker Resources-Measures. All scope of activities need Localizing the Company's interfaces / tools for countries with insufficient basic use of all resources and services of the Broker for the bulk of the population. (It has been checked and proved: it is impossible to establish a full-fledged interaction of the Client and the Company in 100% of the total potential of the Broker Company and its Products and Services if the client is not a native speaker language in the same language of the interface of website and other Broker's resources). TOTAL: 1-3 Specialists from Broker / part-time work in execution tasks for Asian Project / Up to 3 months the term of engaging Specialists, after CP1 (Business Checkpoint 1) we will be able to solve the tasks by the internal resources of the Alliance.

2. The company's development planning is strategic, management is aware of the need for financial support for the project and is ready to conduct financing as soon as possible. Received amount will be returned to the Broker in the process of work and paid from the first proceeds of funds on the basis of Debt Obligations of our Official Entity. Our activities on behalf of the Company with Authorized Capital - 300,000 USD). The Amount is needed to hire employees to complete the Training System, prepare Brokerage Resources and accelerate the consolidation of agreements and launch the Project with Educational Institutions. TOTAL: The period of Specialists participation - up to 3 months / amount - up to 35,000 USD per month / schedule - the first day of cooperation begins with the receipt of funding, then after 30 days.


3. MUST HAVE an Up-to-date RESOURCE SYSTEM AND TOOLS, and provide Comfort Conditions for Work in Markets for Extremally Active Asian Traders.


Some of that Points (example):

a completely correct clear Official base of the company and partners,

Instruments for Trading,

orders execution speed,


min and max restrictions on deposits,

Options and fees for Deposit/Withdraw the Funds to/from the Trading Account,

account types,


adequate customer support, 

Documents-Regulations and conditions in them,

the availability of a trading platform for all devices - without errors working,

the speed of crediting of funds and the execution of applications for the withdrawal of client funds,

bonuses-their types and the possibility of variations,

the site and the Clients Cabinet’ interface is always work,

and so on.


Nothing Unusual or Extra - just constant resources, no more. Isn’t that wrong?

It is important to take into account next
4 Important FACTS:

1. Two Elite Financial Educational Institutions (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
already expect from us information - the Program with Details of Cooperation. From the 15th and 19th of December. The third one will be due on Wednesday, December 27.  People in TOP Management positions are waiting for our actions and this is not good…But we do not provide information as it is not resolved the Main Question: Company Financial Broker - Partner
2. We have successful experience
in the framework of the Processes under discussion. Recently, we have already signed agreements in a number of Asian countries with Local Educational Institutions for the integration of our Specialist Training Programs into the Education Systems of the Universities in Asian countries. Example

This structure has 172,000 students in Vietnam (+ branches in neighboring countries)
We managed to train the teachers of universities, then Clients were attracting and completing groups. Hundreds of people were trained. Unfortunately, the Project was created and executed by order of an extremely unscrupulous Broker, one of the leaders in its segment with Russian roots, whose founders (as it turned out in fact) do not need trading clients and, in priority, apparently, zeroing accounts. In addition, these founders allowed themselves not to carry out a calculation with us for the work done.
In this regard, the unique business scheme had to be temporarily discontinued. And this is the moment of its Revival.
3. Business plan and details are ready.
All processes are checked, errors and defects are brought to naught in the processes of a practical test launch of the Project in the most recent past. This is a huge amount of work of dozens and hundreds of people. Today we have a base that has been verified in practice with universities, Total finished and ready to use - we save a lot of resources and time. Just one step away from launching Project in Asia for the second time.
4. Illustrative factual examples 
on the work of the structures that we founded and manage up to the TOP position of the company in the local Financial Services Market Segment. Screenshots from the CPM. Facts, Reports, Data, Periods… All data Exclusively has been in Asia. (will be provided in case of revealing the real interest of your Company in cooperation)


A) If You (Financial Structure) are interested in such Business Opportunities, 
B) If You want to see in Your Corporate CPM the same or better results as in the information I provided - Data for the Asian region (where you hardly have yet deployed activities

C) And You understand the needs, see the real reasons and agree with the fact of the need for partial financing of the initial stage of the Project. (Participation of the Broker to such Project automatically provide to BROKER the rank of the Recipient of Maximum Benefit If compare with all other Parts).

D) Also, Your Company have resources that can be redirected to this Project

E) Responsible Persons behalf of the BROKER – they should have the Resource – Time, for solve the tasks delegated with theirs Positions and suitable with theirs Skills and Competence.
In this case, we are ready to proceed without delay to discussing the details and launching the Project with, institutions – who are waiting for our Step

We shouldn’t Forget:

”You can never be overdressed and overeducated” 

                                                           (Oscar Wilde)

Education System of any Country have huge masses of Potential: 



​(below is our opinion, placed here for the transfer of standpoint).
​1. LEADS-Clients-Lots-others - purchase by the Broker (post-payment systems). This is:
​- a constant search for partners
- this is an unstable supply of resources
- this lack of long-term
- this is a high market competition for unit prices (paid by others)
- this is a high level of payments
- this is a high risk
- this is the lack of a clear understanding of where these customers came from
- this is unflattering work with clients
- these are empty days, weeks of business without a resource
- this is the infinite technical integration of the Partners in CRM
- this is often inappropriate statistics
- this is an UNSTABLE business that is more like a LUCK or UNLUCK than a controlled, confident Growth...
2.  The best from Resource Providers for Brokers - they are soonest (almost Instant) opening their own Financial Business.
It is logical that they direct their traffic to their business and not to someone else's.
3. ​From point 2 it follows that Brokers have to work only with those partners who cannot be named very successful.
And as a result - the lack of high results in Brokerage companies.
4. People tend to perceive information better and faster at a young age than in maturity and old age.
5. Reinvestment. Two options.
     We all know well that if a car breaks a wheel, then no one throws it out.
The owner of the machine goes to buy a new wheel, changes it, then the machine continues to work properly and bring income to the owner.
     In another case, if the machine generates revenue, and it becomes a lot - then do not think to go to rest on the money earned.
The right action is to buy another car and run it into business to work. From this moment, the income is twice as large and the accumulation of funds is twice as fast.
Then buy two more cars. Then another 4, and another 8, and 10 more cars. And when the Business brings a stable income, it is strong and nothing will happen to it - in this case, you can think about how you can spend some money out of income.

Same situation when working in the Financial Markets, and in any business in principle. Situations are different - both successes and losses.
But the main thing is to know - what is the Right Step in this or that situation.
This is what we teach all participants of our courses from the first training and always during daily work in real Markets.

6.  Coca-Cola is the undisputed Leader in its segment for the last 30 years.
This company annually allocates hundreds of millions of dollars to show the young generation of the planet their own product. Happy Period - Holidays, Happy Child - watching TV... Coca-Cola always together with the Dream of every child - Santa Claus!
Dream/Target and Product = Ideal Strategical Solution!

7. The advertising budget of Coca-Cola only once in history had a ratio of 60% - 40% (Advertising for Adult Audience - Advertising for Youth). But!
Look around: every adult on the planet almost every day of his life uses the product of the Coca-Cola Company!
8. The world's best marketers work in Coca-Cola. It is a fact.
These people are well aware that today they will pay 50 million dollars and will show their Advertising on Christmas to the whole planet.
The child's dream is inseparable from the product of the Company!
And from the side, it may seem that these costs are like money to the wind ... But ...
For the next 50 years, the company will receive a stable income every day from everyone who is now young and sees their advertising!

9. Project "The University"
+ First of all gives everyone the opportunity to achieve their dreams/goals:
- To start making money independent without waiting for years to complete the basic education at the university.
- To get prestigious, perspective, modern and highly paid work.
- The ideal - is to learn how to become the Business owner and not be dependent at all on anyone.

In OUR HANDS - SOLUTION for the Global Question, which every day arises in the minds of hundreds of millions of people - Specialists in the near future.

"Dreams come true and the Goals become Accessible and Close as never Before!" - together with our Training Systems for Financial Specialists. (and a system based on the Broker-Partner, at Your base and with Your Brand!)
And Secondly:
+ Project is a Complex of Paid Courses for hundreds of thousands of people in the Asian region.
+ Who pays for training? - Parents.
+ And for each Parent, this payment is an Investment - first of all. Investment in Education for Child.
+ And each Parent is waiting for the return of his investment.
100% of them knows well: They should "get" an independent Child, which can earn money and build own Future.
+ This means that in order to return this investment a young specialist needs Capital on a real trading account,
working on which the Child can show Parents what he has learned.
This is logical and understandable.
There are no other ways.
... Hundreds of thousands of trading accounts, with Deposited Capitals for Young Professionals by Caring Parents ...
.... Gentlemen, your organization may be inferior to Coca-Cola in something ...
But You must be able to Think!
Hundreds of thousands of replenished accounts and 100-150 thousand dollars for Launch the Project.
can You compare these Values ​​adequately?   
Things for what Corporations paying hundreds of millions of dollars annually, you are now getting almost Free!


I consider it important to clarify the meaning of the word Client.
Client – this is what we will provide for our PARTNER (Company-FINANCIAL BROKER). the partner will constantly receive from the result of One-Sided work of the Group of Companies as part of the Oriental Business Alliance in the Asian region (without Participation of Brokerage).
1. Not Required for any Additional work during our Cooperation (except Stage1)
2. No PAY for CLIENTS. Broker will not bear the costs of attracting customers by our Company for BROKER (with the exception of expenses for STAGE 1). We no Request any Agents rebates or any referrals payments. Not limited number of New Clients - with zero cost. Clients will come to Broker during for many-many years in future..

The Client is an Asian adult who:

* Learned on the basic of the Broker's platform
* Knows all the Broker's products
* Completed a course of theoretical and practical Seminars about Financial Markets
* Knows how to trade on a Demo account with a deposit of 10,000 USD
* Has a Personal Cabinet with Accounts in the Company-Financial Brokerage.
* Knows personal cabinet, Agreements-Regulations and Documentation
* Knows how to interact with the company through the ticketing system of the Client Interface.
* Personal identification documents of the Client are uploaded to the Cabinet.
* The documents are verified by the Company.
* Has at least one real trading account.
* Has a payment system card attached/connected to the Trading account
* At least once independently made a Deposit with Real Finance into the Trading Account from the card (it is possible to withdraw funds from the account).
* He understands the difference between the types of Bonuses on the account from the Company, is loyal to the development of bonuses
   (with the transfer of the bonus to the body of the account balance - if such is available to the Broker).
* Has on the real trading account the Bonus Company + Own Finance.
* He is well known in the Agent's Broker's Conditions for Agents and Partners of the Company.
* He passed general training on the basic of "Agent or Introduction Brokerage", knows the principles of calculating income
   and visually studied the Personal Cabinet of the Agent of the Company-Broker
* Passed well test in this section of the Training Course (tests on the fact for each lesson are given every day.)
* AND ADDITION TO ALL: Initially, Client was motivated to get acquainted with Broker (our partner)
   and the market as a whole with one powerful desire to achieve Clearly Designated Goals:

** Market - his (Client) future work on all life
** The Broker Company is the first who open door to a new life - which was and always will be the BEST of ALL (because it was the First),
** And at the heart of its work and all the Client's goals are 100% bonded to the Broker-Partner our forever and there is no doubt about it…

Total, the Broker-Partner will receive from our Cooperation
the Generation of Ideal (already build by Us) Clients
in several countries of Asia!




​It’s Overview-Business Plan, visualized in Mind Map.


Including main necessary Points of our Project: From first step (in the past) and up to Development Project in Asian Region.
We’ll start our discussion on the basis of this Workflow Map.


Download a file:


BASIC NDA AGREEMENT  -  Eng/Vn  (For Sign)

Download a file:


Choose any of NDA for Your reference. 

Fill Form Bellow for Contact Us

Полную версию Предложения на русском языке можно скачать по ссылке


Проект Университет - Азиатский Регион 2018

Request to become a BROKER - PARTNER:

Additional Informaition about Project. Screenshots from Discussions about Details with some of Representative Persons behalf from Financial Brokerage Companies.



Real Goals

Explanation for Real Targets in Project

Development Steps

Some points...

Very attractive Project+Interests

Incomes of Parts

Risks for Brokers


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